Animated Videos for the exhibition at the Multimar Forum in Tönning.
Fascinating inhabitants of the Wadden Sea - what are they doing all day long? The Multimar Wattforum Centre in Tönning answers vivid, sometimes surprising in the form of short videos. Among others, barnacles, cockles, hunting sea anemones, mussels or sand mason worms (Lanice conchilega) in the construction of its tube are presented.
For the realization of these videos we sighted a large amount of footage and improved the present material with techniques such as stabilization, color correction and color grading. The special challenge when cutting was to represent liquid and contiguous often lengthy in nature processes in short clips.
Here are some examples.

Sand mason worm (Lanice conchilega)

Barnacles (Balanidae)

Sea anemone

Mytilus - Feeding

Mytilus - New glue spot